Periodontal Procedures

tooth cleaning

Regular check ups include the cleaning (prophy), dental x-rays, and exam – usually every 6 months

Periodontal Maintenance

For those patients that have had bone loss and need a more in-depth cleaning – usually every 3-4 months

Scaling & Root Planing

The deep cleaning for patients that have had a lapse in dental care and may have bone loss and inflamed gums

Restorative Procedures

silver fillings
Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Used in the back regions of the mouth to replace tooth structure lost from decay

Composite (White) Fillings

Used in the front or back of mouth to replace tooth structure lost from decay


When a tooth has lost excessive structure that can not be replaced by a filling or for esthetic purposes – made of different materials – depending on desire

bridged teeth

Three permanently-joined cement crowns to replace a missing tooth – can be different lengths when necessary

root canal xray
Root Canal Therapy

The removal of a nerve when needed due to necrosis or excessive decay – most commonly the tooth will need a crown following a root canal to prevent fracture

clean teeth

Comprehensive braces can be started at any age – most commonly they are started in the adolescent/early teen years. Ortho can be for minor tooth movements – using only retainers, or to completely improve mal-alignment and jaw dysfunction

dental implant

Used to replace missing teeth or to better anchor a denture in position – simple procedure placing a titanium screw into the upper or lower jaw

bite splint

Custom made bite guard to help alleviate jaw pain – will also serve as a hard surface to allow teeth to slide upon when patients have clenching/grinding abnormalities

bleaching product
Tooth Whitening

Can be done with different procedures at home – including close fitting whitening strips – professional strength with greater adhesion than Crest White Strips – we also offer bleaching trays that can be worn at night


Acrylic plate to replace all the teeth on the upper or lower arch

partial denture
Partial Denture

Can be metal based with acrylic over top or can be made completely out of acrylic to replace teeth when there are still several per arch

extraction diagram

Tooth removal is necessary when a tooth is non-restorable or when finances dictate to have a tooth removed instead of root canal therapy. We also perform wisdom teeth extractions in our office