Meet The Staff

doctor sean

Dr. Sean Zielinski DDS

doctor tim

Dr. Timothy Zielinski DDS

Dr. Tim has been a fixture within the Mason community since 1981. He has provided excellent patient care which started with his educational background at the University of Detroit Mercy. Dr. Tim has attended continuing education courses in every aspect of dentistry. His diverse background and years of experience has allowed him to perform almost all procedures “in office.”

Dr. Sean has had his uncle, Dr. Tim as his mentor throughout all of his dental studies. Dr. Sean began learning from his uncle in 2005 and graduated from The University of Michigan in 2011.

Having attended different universities in different time periods has allowed our dentists to blend their knowledge basis to provide the best quality care to our patients. They are able to answer any of your dental questions and perform most any dental procedure.

Front Desk Staff

Tricia | Marcia | Brie | Tonya

At Zielinski Dental the front desk will be the first friendly faces you will see at our office. They collect all of your information and explain any questions you have regarding your dental benefits. They have experience with multiple insurance companies and are able to estimate your co-payments accurately. The front desk staff are always willing to help with any concerns you might have.


Lindsey L. | Candra | Heather | Erica | Lindsey H. 

The hygiene staff are at the forefront of preventing periodontal disease. Due to the increasing number of connections between oral and bodily diseases maintaining healthy gums are of utmost importance. The hygienists are continually educating themselves on the latest findings and are able to carry out all types of cleaning (prophylaxis) procedures. They also have the dental knowledge to give a variety of treatment options for necessary dental care.


Lisa | Carrie | Cameo | Shelia | Debbie | Nick

At Zielinski Family Dental our assistants act as an extension of our doctors hands. They are equally qualified to: manage instrument sterilization, expose and develop x-rays, take dental impressions and assist in numerous additional ways. The assistants are in the operatory during the entire procedure to keep our patients at ease and help procedures get finished in a timely fashion.